git speaks

by Badri Sunderarajan · Wed 06 May 2015

git status

All your files
are up to date
You’ve shown no activity
as of late

git checkout -b
Getting your act together, I see.

I know you’re in a rush,
but all the same
it would be a good idea
to specify the branch name.

git checkout -b \
All? You may be enthusiastic,
but isn’t that too much ambition?

Testing…done. But why!

Not a single bug found—
that’s too good to be true!
Oh, wait, there’s no code either.
Lots of work ahead for you!

git checkout master
Are you planning to work faster?

Or leave it to someone else
in the spirit of collaboration?
git branch -d \ all-bugs-eradication

It’s the latter, I see.